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Invest in your game and you'll bowl better





Bowling Ball Resurfacing - Haus Resurfacing System


Unrivaled Accuracy
to original factory specs or better!

Superior Quality
Even resurfacing throughout the entire bowling ball


After numerous games on wood or synthetic lanes, your ball will loose consistent cover reaction.

Regular resurfacing with the "Haus Resurfacing System" can:

IMPROVE YOUR GAME Bowling consistency requires consistent cover reaction. Regular resurfacing can help you achieve that critical consistency.

LENGTHEN YOUR BALL'S LIFE By resurfacing your ball, minimal ball surface is removed, avoiding the need to remove deep track and drop areas, and extending the length of time your ball meets ABC specifications.

ASSURE YOU OF RESURFACING CONSISTENCY Consistent & accurate results -- time after time. Unlike manually resurfaced balls, our automatic system maintains and returns your ball back to it's original manufacturers' specifications or better. Operator error is virtually eliminated. Your entire ball surface is refinished -- not just the drop and track areas.

Other Services

Replug -
 Ball grip feeling stretched? Having blisters on your thumb or fingers? Thumb or finger pitch (angle) may not be the correct fit for your hand. Bring your bowling ball down for a no obligation inspection by the professional.

Thumb/Rubber inserts changing - Just like car tyres, rubber inserts do wear out as well. Get your grip back and produce the same ball revolution consistently.

Drilling - Bought a bowling ball somewhere else? Get Kenneth to advise you on the most suitable drilling pattern and drill the bowling ball professionally. After all, he is Singapore's ONLY IBPSIA certified bowling ball driller.

Coaching - Learn to bowl correctly from the professionals! We have classes for Beginners, intermediate and advanced bowlers for all ages, companies and school. Our team of dedicated coaches are qualified bowling coaches certified by Singapore Bowling Federation (SBF) and United States Bowling Congress (USBC). For enquiries, please call 9615 6988.



Invest in your game and you'll bowl better

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